21c Museum Hotels absorbed into MGallery by Sofitel

US/France: Accor has grouped its 21c Museum Hotels brand together with MGallery by Sofitel, in a move which “consolidates their artistic offerings into one collection”.

MGallery by Sofitel is “a collection of luxury boutique hotels which appeals to lovers of literature and culture”, and as such, the 21c Museum Hotels brand, which Accor purchased last year, fits under this umbrella.

The brand “will remain very much as it is” currently and benefits MGallery by lending it a presence in the US, with existing properties located in Arkansas, Ohio, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Oklahoma.

Yohan Amiot, vice president, brand management, MGallery, said: “The 21c brand is the perfect complement to MGallery’s concept of bespoke, creative hospitality for lovers of travel, the arts and immersive experiences. MGallery was first created in 2008 to share a new vision of high-end, boutique accommodation featuring highly emotive experiences designed to be inspiring, engaging, and richly imbued with character. This ambition gave rise to a collection of unique storied boutique hotels that are captivating, memorable and individually styled. Each MGallery hotel is remarkable for its singular personality and is deeply rooted in the destination’s history.”

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