Accor launches flexible and eco-based greet brand

France: Accor has launched the greet economy hotel brand, which it describes as “a new alternative hospitality and sustainable tourism offer”.

It describes greet as “a new alternative hospitality and sustainable tourism offer that combines environmental considerations with a socially responsible approach for travellers seeking authenticity”.

Accor says greet was created “in response to a single observation – today, more than ever before, travellers want a high-quality and affordable hotel experience, while simultaneously seeking to add meaning to their purchases and reduce their impact on the planet. The greet concept addresses this dual challenge through a flexible business model for partners, and a totally new hotel experience for customers”.

One of the attractions of the brand for owners is likely to be its flexibility. Accor says the only guidelines are that greet hotels must include a number of the brand’s key features, including its logo in the common areas, a large table d’hôte “for sharing special moments”, and ensuring that 20 per cent of rooms can accommodate between four and six people.

“Each hotel owner is free to express himself while staying true to the three ways of being greet: by salvaging objects sourced via second-hand networks or from eco-responsible suppliers; by upcycling unusual decorative items, and by revisiting these objects to repurpose them and give them a second lease of life,” says Accor.

Franck Gervais, CEO Europe at Accor, said: “Since its creation, Accor has always been attentive to the needs of its partners and franchisees. Through our plan to expand our portfolio of brands, launched by Sébastien Bazin, we are upholding our commitment to always offering unforgettable experiences to our customers while simultaneously supporting our network of franchisees. With the launch of greet, our aim is simply to provide an ideal solution to independent hotel owners by offering a brand that combines the regeneration of existing hotel structures with cost control, both in terms of renovation and redevelopment of the spaces.”

By granting greater flexibility and freedom to hotel owners, Accor is seeking to support its franchisee partners and “create positive and virtuous hospitality that is attentive to customer needs and to society’s new considerations”. greet has joined forces with several charities, including Emmaüs, which will enable owners to source second-hand furniture and designs made using recycled items, as well as Valdelia (an eco-organisation providing a comprehensive solution to collect, recycle and re-use old furniture).

Another partnership has been launched with “L’atelier Consommateur & Citoyen” (“The Consumer & Citizen Workshop”, launched in spring 2019 by C’est qui le Patron?! to expand the initiative). The aim of this partnership is to work with a group of consumers to create avenues for progress in order to fine-tune the greet concept and make it the leading sustainable hospitality model.

“These partnerships are essential as they help to turn our commitment to giving second chances into reality, both for our franchisee partners and our customers. greet is an inclusive brand, where the community genuinely plays a key role. We firmly believe that it is by working together, by creating synergies at both national and local level, that we will be able to have a positive impact on our society,” said Gervais.

The first greet hotel will open in the Burgundy vineyards, and the pipeline includes properties in Marseille (St Charles et Aéroport), Lyon Perrache, Paris, St-Witz, Rennes, Bourges and St-Germain-en-Laye.

Accor Group hopes to open 300 greet hotels throughout Europe by 2030. The greet network will quickly extend to various European destinations, with the German city of Darmstadt welcoming the very first greet hotel outside France in the coming months

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