Bahia Hotel & Beach House teams up with ALICE Hotel Operations

Mexico: Bahia Hotel and Beach House has chosen ALICE to streamline internal and guest communication and keep track of historical information.

Bahia Hotel and Beach House in Mexico‘s Baja California peninsula will be able to use the historical information tracked by ALICE to serve as guidelines for improvements year over year on service, offerings, and overall guest experience.

ALICE is the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests.

Prior to implementing ALICE, staff at Bahia Hotel used a variety of different channels to communicate, including: daily briefings, radio, cell phones, email, and messaging applications. This was a challenge for the property, as key information amongst staff and departments would get lost over time. Ultimately, it inspired managing director Felipe Rebelo to look for “an integrated platform that covers the needs other platforms alone could not.” By upgrading to ALICE, staff can now communicate across a single channel.

Different data can now be collected, which has given the property greater insight into performance, and management can now set key performance indicators against a variety of metrics. Additionally, the managing director “can measure the way in which the tasks are accomplished in order to make operations more effective.”

With ALICE, staff at Bahia Hotel can now contact guests via the app and SMS prior to their arrival on property. This means that information can be obtained ahead of and during guests’ stays.

Rebelo said: “Everyone embraced ALICE and were thrilled about all the features and how their job will be so much easier and simpler now.”

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