South Congress Hotel switches to ALICE

US: South Congress Hotel in Austin, Texas graduates from google hangouts to software optimised for staff communication and task management.

Alongside its sister property Hotel Ella, South Congress Hotel has selected ALICE to optimise staff efficiency, organisation, and communication for a flawless guest experience in Austin’s South Congress shopping, dining, and entertainment district. ALICE is the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology.

Prior to using ALICE, staff at the South Congress Hotel communicated primarily via Google Hangouts. While a useful consumer app, Hangouts is not optimised for integrated communication on such a large operational scale.

ALICE was launched at South Congress Hotel in August of 2018. Now, staff can enjoy user-friendly workflow tracking, as well as internal messaging included directly on each task. These improvements have increased productivity, accountability, and improved the flow of interdepartmental communication.

Jennifer Bumgardner, assistant front office manager, said: “We’ve been able to input every preferred vendor; we can input the menu, hours, walking distance, the map feature is incredible – just the ability to say ‘You know what, give me one minute’ instead of having to go dig around a filing cabinet for a list. We don’t have to then waste more time looking around for a resolution, we can quickly find one in ALICE. It’s heavily impacted our guest experience and concierge capability.”

South Congress Hotel leaders shared that they were happy to get everything on a single platform. The adaptability of ALICE has also proven to be a key component for South Congress Hotel.

Amanda Wasnock, front office manager at the ALICE support team, commented: “There’s the aspect of the team recognising what could work best for our property and then bringing new ideas in for development with future implementation. It helps us understand that our needs are being met by the ALICE support team, and that really speaks to itself.”

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