Boat hotel features private catamaran pods

Serbia: Design company Salt & Water design studio has come up with the concept of the “boatel”.

The design features a reception area, restaurant and café in the middle and is surrounded by catamaran pods, offering guests uninterrupted views of the nature around them.

The individual boat pods mean people can sail during the day and re-group at night for an evening meal or drinks. Each catamaran pod includes a reception area, a galley, a bathroom, a hall with storage space and a spacious sleeping area that can accommodate four people. They also have two outdoor areas – the flying bridge and the beach platform for swimming, diving, fishing and sun bathing.

Salt & Water says the design will allow more travellers to experience rivers and lakes in an eco-friendly way, with minimal disruption to the natural surroundings. Its plans recently won them the Millennium Yacht Design Award, an international competition for yacht designers.

Benjamin Maltby, principal consultant at MatrixLloyd, said: “The inside/outside room became a staple of superyacht design in the mid-2000s, and these spaces normally work wonderfully. I’d want the whole hotel moored somewhere where the water underneath is moving: stagnant water encourages mosquitoes. I’d also want each apartment to be able to swing round so that it faced into the oncoming wind and wasn’t buffeted by crosswinds all night. In summary, this is a stunning idea, but whether or not it will work will depend on where the hotel is located.”

A location for the boatel has yet to be decided.

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