Google expands free hotel booking links

Google expands free hotel booking links

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Worldwide: Google has enabled free hotel booking links to now appear on its search results page and Google Maps.

With free booking links, a property’s booking site can appear across Google when users search for hotels. The links will display the site name or hotel name along with the room rate.

When users click on the link, they will be directed to the hotel’s provided landing page to complete the booking. There’s no cost for clicks on free booking links.

New hotels and booking partners who do not already have a Hotel Center account with Google can follow this starter guide to get set up with free booking links.

Existing partners, such as those using Hotel Center or participating in Hotel Ads, are eligible for listings to show as free booking links.

The main difference between Hotel Ads and free booking links is that Hotel Ads are paid links, ranked according to Google’s ad auction. Free booking links are unpaid links, and ranked according to signals such as consumer preference, valued offered to the user, landing page experience, and historical accuracy of prices.

Starting in April, hotels which meet the eligibility criteria can manually add rates to their Google Business Profile to participate in free hotel booking links.

Hotel owners can also view the performance of clicked links via a report accessed on Hotel Center. Options are available to track links using third-party web analytics tools. 

Further information about Google’s hotel free booking links can be found here. 

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