Industry leaders launch Hotel Concept Handbook

Switzerland: Creative Supply, leading brand consultancy, and the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne have partnered to create a creative hotel guidebook.

The Hotel Concept Handbook, as it is named, combines effective teachings in hotel design and management to help new owners find a compelling concept.

The guide bills itself as an opportunity to create a full narrative of a hotel experience in order to pitch to stakeholders, guests and investors more effectively. The guide goes through various different aspects of the industry in order to explain and express the idea of the hotel concept accurately.

The Hotel Concept Handbook breaks down the current trends dominating the hospitality industry before guiding the reader through the theory of what a hotel concept should be. The guide then demonstrates its effectiveness by showing five successful hotel concepts, breaking them all down.

Youri Sawerschel of Creative Supply said: “At a time where hoteliers are wondering whether they should also become retailers, neighbourhood cafes or art galleries, having a firm grip on what your concept is can help you go beyond the hype and concentrate your efforts and resources where they really matter. This handbook provides a framework and examples to help you achieve just that.”

The guide hopes to combine the over 100 years of hospitality experience that Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne has with the modern creative approach of the Creative Supply company. Both groups have seen commissions of the framework from independent hotels.

Many new tools and support platforms are being launched due to the market’s current slowdown. Most recently, SiteMinder released the World Hotel Index, while a weekly panel called RevenueHACKS has been launched for industry support.

For more information, find the handbook here.

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