KSL acquires majority in Sereno Hotels

KSL Sereno Hotels

Il Sereno, Lake Como [Credit: Sereno Hotels]

Italy/Caribbean: An affiliate of private equity firm KSL Capital Partners has acquired a majority interest in the luxury hotel group Sereno Hotels.

Sereno is the owner-operator of a hotel and villa located on the shores of Lake Como in Italy, and a sister resort and villa on the island of St Barthelemy in the Caribbean – part of the French West Indies.

The company was founded by the Contreras family over 20 years ago. The family will remain a significant investor with Luis Contreras continuing as CEO. 

Contreras said: “Sereno Hotels is at heart a family company. Collaborating with KSL empowers us to accelerate our scale, whilst upholding the ideals and standards that have contributed to our success. Our joint vision is to create a select few new small and supremely luxurious hotels in unique locations, featuring remarkable design, meticulous detail, and casual yet professional, bespoke services for our guests. With KSL’s strategic advice and financial support, we aim to offer our guests, and our team, exciting new experiences and prospects.”

Martin Edsinger, principal at KSL Capital Partners, said: “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Luis and the Contreras family for the next journey of growth for this remarkable business. At KSL, we seek to invest in the unforgettable to create the enduring, something which is core to Sereno’s mission. What Luis and his family have created is unparalleled, and we could not be more excited about what the future will bring for Sereno and to work with a partner that shares our vision and values.”

The terms of deal were not disclosed. It follows KSL’s acquisition of The Pig Hotels earlier this year.

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