Nadler Hotels joins UK Chinese tourism initiative

UK: Nadler Hotels is one of the first 100 UK companies across to be awarded a new Chartermark declaring it is fit to welcome Chinese visitors.

The GREAT China Welcome Charter is a new initiative from VisitBritain aimed at making Britain “the destination of choice for the rapidly-growing Chinese market”.

Visitor numbers from China have doubled in the last five years and are expected to grow dramatically by 2020 following visa regulation changes.

The new charter is designed to help Chinese visitors easily identify hotels, attractions, retailers and tour operators that are making themselves “China-ready” by providing information in Mandarin and/or Cantonese and adapting their products for the market.

Nadler Hotels qualified as one of the first charter members after translating its website, entertainment systems and in-house material in to Mandarin.

CEO Robert Nadler said: “We pride ourselves on providing very high standards of service to all our customers and the Chinese are no exception. We are experiencing strong interest from China, who seem to particularly enjoy our innovative concept of affordable luxury.”

Sandie Dawe, chief executive of VisitBritain, said: “There is strong evidence that businesses who go the extra mile in catering for certain nationalities quickly reap the benefits. Nadler Hotels is a great example of a boutique hotel group which has been quick to recognise the massive potential of the Chinese market and invested accordingly. We’re delighted to be able to count them as one of our first 100 members and hope that many more British tourism and hospitality businesses will follow their example.”

Membership of the GREAT China Welcome Charter is free to organisations which can prove they are “China-ready”. Click here to read about a Boutique Hotel News networking event about attracting Chinese guests.

Robert Nadler is a speaker at the 2014 Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit mext month.

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