Operational ESG education programme set to launch

ESG education programme

Ufi Ibrahim (left), Stéphane Haddad (middle), Giana Eckhardt (right)

UK: EHL Hospitality Business School, the Energy & Environment Alliance, and King’s Business School will launch an education programme focussed on the practical aspects of delivering ESG in hospitality.

The programme will be designed specifically for hospitality managers, investors and asset owners. 

It will provide an overview of the science behind climate change and its financial implications, including new regulatory requirements and accurate data collection. Participants will learn the skills to lead change in their business, such as minimising food, water and energy waste.

Stéphane Haddad, associate dean executive education programs, EHL Hospitality Business School, said: “As the world’s largest employer and resource consumer, the hospitality sector is vital to the economy. By working together, we hope to provide asset owners, investors, and managers of hospitality businesses with the information and resources they need to effect positive change in their businesses.  Equipped with this understanding, participants will be able to spearhead revolutionary projects in their daily operations, promoting sustainability, cutting down on waste, and building lasting value for their companies and communities.”

Ufi Ibrahim, chief executive of the EEA, said: “ESG is rapidly becoming an extremely important issue for anyone involved in hospitality. So, I am delighted that two world class business schools are collaborating with the EEA to create what I am confident will be the go-to education on this subject.”

Professor Giana Eckhardt, vice dean, engagement and executive education at King’s Business School, said: “The hospitality sector has a truly global reach and those who manage hotels need a unique mix of skills and knowledge from the very technical, to the very human. By bringing the expertise of our three organisations together, we hope to leave our participants confident and excited about the opportunity they have to help their staff and customers to flourish and contribute to a healthier planet.”

King’s Business School and the EEA operate an existing programme for hospitality sector leaders that covers strategic and financial aspects of ESG in the context of the sector’s specific requirements. 

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