Over half of luxury hoteliers believe “worst of crisis is over”

Worldwide: According to a new survey by Forbes Travel Guide (FTG), 54 per cent of luxury hoteliers believe the worst of the crisis is over, though expect the road to recovery to be long.

The report, collated in September 2020, reveals how luxury hospitality is faring and modifying in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

84 per cent of hotels are now fully open compared to 56 per cent in July. Of the remaining that are closed, 63 per cent plan on opening in the fourth quarter. 

38 per cent have delayed re-opening plans, with the top hindering factors being: not enough demand (54 per cent) and government travel restrictions (49 per cent).

With many of the star-rated properties having to rethink all areas of business, 60 per cent stated that staff have coped well or very well with the extra responsibilities. 

93 per cent have taken to the extra cleaning procedures well or very well, and 80 per cent say that staff have handled enforcing health and safety measures well or very well.

Regarding the type of guest, 64 per cent of hoteliers revealed seeing a higher or much higher than typical proportion of leisure guests compared to business guests. 

Telephone enquiries have increased by 61 per cent ahead of booking, and 78 per cent of properties are welcoming more local and regional guests.

Filip Boyen, CEO Forbes Travel Guide, commented: “We’ve witnessed such tenacity from the hospitality industry despite the unending daily challenges, yet we remain cautious, creative and steadfast in the future of luxury hospitality, however long it takes.”

Click here to read the full report on How Luxury Hotels Are Adapting to Covid-19. 

A few months ago, FTG polled close to 450 general managers to gain an insight into the top operational challenges and other operational adaptations within the current climate.

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