Selina competes with WeWork in Latin America

Central America: According to Selina, 40 of its 48 properties in Latin America contain co-working spaces, thereby competing with companies like WeWork.

WeWork has started to lay off around 2,400 employees after growing rapidly and failing to launch a public offering in September.

Selina, a company that offers hostel-style dorms and private rooms as well as co-working spaces, was founded in a Panamanian surfing town by real estate developers Rafael Museri and Daniel Rudasevski.

Co-work has long been a core element of Selina’s vision, targeting a “global community of digital nomads, creators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers”.

A recent case study by Skift revealed that 70 per cent of Selina’s two co-working spaces in Bogotá are occupied by locals, largely made up of individuals or small teams that work in tech, design or related fields. The remaining 30 per cent are digital nomads.

Claude Paul, general manager at two of three Selina properties in the city, said: “The idea is that the local community comes to Selina also and interacts with those digital nomads, but in an organic way – not a forced way”.

Selina is looking to expand its worldwide branch with new properties in locations such as Chelsea in New York City, Liverpool in the United Kingdom, and Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv in Israel.

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