Tripadvisor launches programme to connect NHS trusts with hotels

UK: The Hotels for Health programme allows NHS trusts to flag a request for rooms, and for hotels to advise they have spare rooms available.

Tripadvisor aims to connect healthcare and government agencies with available hotels. Further details are then arranged separately.

For hotels, a form must be completed detailing how many rooms can be offered. If a healthcare provider within the area needs them, Tripadvisor will make the connection.

Similarly, healthcare providers must complete a form listing the types of accommodation needed and in what location. Tripadvisor will then reach out to those hotels available in the area and ask that they make direct contact.

Kanika Soni, chief commercial officer at Tripadvisor, said: “At this challenging time, we know Tripadvisor can play a unique role in helping to support the accommodation needs of frontline medical workers who seek out temporary housing, and we’re pleased to ask our hotel partners to do the same. We know so many frontline medical workers can’t simply return home after work because they live with someone with a compromised immune system, so Tripadvisor is proud to offer help where possible.”

Further information on the Hotels for Health programme is available here. 

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