UK residents willing to pay £3.36 billion in carbon offsets

UK: In a new survey performed by, 77 per cent of UK travellers responded that they will consider environmental issues in future travel plans.

Results also said that the UK, as a collective, would be willing to pay £3.36 billion to offset carbon emissions from travelling.

The survey was compiled from a set of 2,000 UK residents, who were asked questions about their holiday habits and ideas of conscientious travel. The survey primarily noted that effects from the COVID-9 pandemic, including re-wilding and a lack of time in nature have led to the change in mindset.

Ben Lynam, head of communications at theTravelFoundation, said: “We are seeing a significant shift towards environmental consciousness as the pandemic accelerates a trend that was already gathering pace. Concern about the future, a slowing of pace and the need to find less crowded places have translated into demand for outdoor experiences and trips that have low impact, or ideally a positive impact on the environment. Smart businesses and destinations that intentionally respond to this shift will recover quicker and stronger.”

Nearly 49 per cent of respondents have said that COVID has impacted the way they think about the environment. Some of them would be willing to make direct concessions due to this, with 25 per cent saying they would be more willing to holiday domestically for environmental reasons.

Other changes in behaviour include a 26 per cent higher likeliness to be mindful of energy use and a 21 per cent higher likelihood of travelling by non-airline methods. 17 per cent have also said they would consider ecological factors in their accommodation choices.

Many hospitality businesses have also added more sustainable features due to the pandemic. Hotels such as The Hotel Green Solution House, and short-term rentals like La Forestale Ecolodge, have opened during this period.

Not all impacts have been positive, however. 40 per cent of respondents have claimed that COVID has made it more difficult to consider the environment while travelling, while 36 per cent have claimed that it has made environmental friendliness less of a concern.

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