UK relaxes rules for vaccinated inbound travellers

UK relaxes rules for vaccinated inbound travellers

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UK: As of 4am today, testing requirements have been removed for eligible fully vaccinated arrivals into the UK, with only a simplified passenger located form needed.

The relaxation of travel requirements is due to the roll out of the UK’s vaccine and booster programme. 

Inbound travellers no longer need to take a Covid-19 test, however are required to fill out a passenger locator form which confirms vaccination status, travel history and contact details.

Those arrivals which do not qualify as fully vaccinated will need to take a pre-departure test within two days before departing for the UK. A PCR is still required on or before the end of the second day after arriving in the country, as well as completing a passenger locater form.

Only passengers which test positive for Covid-19 will need to self-isolate. 

Also from today, the UK will accept vaccine certificates from an additional 16 countries and territories including China and Mexico. This will bring the total list to over 180 countries and territories worldwide.

Grant Shapps, transport secretary, said: “The UK has eased international travel measures for Covid-19 and now has one of the most free-flowing borders in the world – sending a clear message that we are open for business.

“As our travel sector rapidly recovers, and we accelerate towards a future where we want travel to remain open for good, these rule changes coming ahead of half term are good news for families, businesses and the travel sector.”

Health and social care secretary, Sajid Javid, said: “As we learn to live with Covid-19, we are taking a balanced approach to opening up international travel and removing all tests for people who have played their part and have been vaccinated.

“Thanks to the millions of people who have come forward for their Covid-19 jabs, we are one of the most boosted countries in Europe and are able to take these steps today.”

The UK government has said that if a “sufficiently robust digital solution” to ensure compliance with home isolation is found, it will replace the hotel quarantine policy. Further details are set to be released later in the spring.

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