Whole Foods to move in to resort and hotel sector

US: Health food retail giant Whole Foods is planning to open a health resort near its Austin, Texas, HQ.

John Mackey, the co-founder of Whole Foods, told USA Today: “We have a perfect vehicle for this. Think of it as a centre where people would go for a day, a weekend or a week for healthy lifestyle education. It’s an experiment, and you never know if experiments will be successful or not.”

The company is currently negotiating a deal for the site of the resort and is seeking a hotel brand to operate it.

Mackey, who started the company with a $45,000 loan back in 1978, reportedly got the for the resort from an in-house program to improve the eating and lifestyle habits of Whole Foods’ employees. “I’ve seen it improve the lives of our team members,” Mackey said.

Health and wellness hotels were one of the trends forecast by Boutique Hotel News founder Piers Brown in this January article.


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