Andrew Fairlie Scholarship awarded to Torridon chef

Andrew Fairlie Scholarship awarded to Torridon employee

From left to right: finalists Peter Meechan, Josh Wilkinson, Spud Henderson, Amy Stephenson, Ryan McCutcheon [Credit: HIT Scotland]

UK: Amy Stephenson from The Torridon has been awarded the 2021 Andrew Fairlie Scholarship at HIT Scotland.

The culinary scholarship will provide Stephenson the opportunity to work in an international kitchen as well as the two-Michelin star Restaurant Andrew Fairlie at Glenagles and the three-Michelin star Core by Clare Smyth.

She will also get to attend HIT Scotland’s Business of Food scholarship to gain further knowledge and advance her education.

Having first launched in February 2019, the scholarship recognises only two individuals each year. Winners were chosen during a skills test at Perth College which involved recreating one of Andrew Fairlie’s signature dishes.

Commenting on the award, Stephenson said: “It’s still not registered with me yet. I just always try my best and I believe as long as you truly do that you can’t go wrong. I’m very thankful to have been given the opportunity to test my skills and knowledge at some fantastic places. I’m proud to be representing The Torridon at HIT Scotland.”

Paul Green, head chef at The Torridon, added: “This is a fantastic achievement for Amy to earn this prestigious scholarship. We’re incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication to her craft that Amy has shown since arriving at The Torridon. We wish her all the best in her development within the Andrew Fairlie’s scholarship programme and her progression into a culinary expert.”

The Torridon is a five AA red star hotel with additional rooms at The Stables and private cottage The Boar House. 

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