Andronis appoints director of spa and wellness

Andronis appoints director of spa and wellness

Carla Sage

Greece: Boutique hotel brand Andronis has appointed Carla Sage as the group’s director of spa and wellness, as well as announcing a host of new experiences.

Sage brings 25 years of experience to the role, having working in over 18 countries. Alongside her appointment, she has developed a new three-day wellbeing retreat: The Andronis Wellness Journey.

Each retreat (minimum three days) will be personalised based on a guest’s preferences, who can choose how much or how little they would like to do. Typical activities will include fitness, yoga, nutrition cookery classes, and spa treatments. 

Some of the signature treatments by Andronis include Kundalini Dance, Postural Alignment Therapy, Caldera Hike, Vinyasa Flow, Body Scan Meditation, Kneipp Pool Walking and Face Mapping.

In addition to this, Andronis has partnered with Dr. Zulia Frost to offer a Wellness Analysis via hair profiling. The analysis is based on four strands of hair utilising a patented Cell Wellbeing digital S-drive system, which provides over 800 wellness indicators. 

The indicators contain a wide range of nutritional information including vitamins, minerals, amino acid, fatty acids, antioxidants and potential environment as impact information.

Based on the report and under the guidance of Sage as key wellness practitioner, her team of consultants and therapy specialists will create a personalised wellness plan for each guest. 

Further information about Andronis and its wellness offerings can be found here.

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