Resident Hotels welcomes growth advisor

Resident Hotels welcomes growth advisor

David Bailey

UK: David Bailey, senior advisor at CBRE and brand ambassador at HotStats, has joined Resident Hotels as the group’s strategic advisor for growth and expansion.

Resident Hotels currently operates five city-centre properties – four in London and one in Liverpool. Bailey joins the team as Resident plans an additional 1200-1500 rooms across the UK in the next seven years, with a hotel lined up in Edinburgh.

CEO of Resident Hotels, David Orr, said: “I have worked with David throughout my career and have trust and respect for his judgment especially as we credibly look to accelerate our expansion. At Resident Hotels it’s all about the team of skills and personality we have assembled across all areas and David will be a valuable member as we move forwards.

“We are targeting cities in the UK with broad shoulders and worldly relevance, economically and culturally in locations where our guests are genuinely interested in staying and can connect with the local neighbourhood.”

Bailey said: “I’ve known David for more than 20 years and I’m thrilled to help support the growth of Resident Hotels, which has an attractive model with striking points of difference. It’s a business with a clear focus. It’s lean and profitable and if you get the right neighbourhood you can drive high rates and a good return, backed by beautiful rooms with high-quality finishes.

“What really sets it apart is the highly-engaged teams who know their neighbourhoods and create terrific guest experiences. There is a community aspect, with an innate appreciation of what the individual guest really wants, which is genuinely respectful and creates a wonderful atmosphere within the hotel.”

Bailey added: “I’ve been particularly struck by incredibly positive online guest reviews that Resident Hotels generates, across the portfolio, that repeatedly reference the quality of the locations, condition and amenity of the product and cite first class personalised guest experiences. Resident Hotels is a really interesting proposition because it is a part of the community and it helps generate footfall for other local businesses and attractions. So if you’re a progressive developer or property owner looking to create a thriving mixed-use destination, I can see Resident playing a part.”

Resident Hotels is a privately-owned and operated company, supported by owners and majority shareholders, Mactaggart Family & Partners, led by William Laxton.

Mactaggart is the operating arm of Western Heritable, a real estate private equity firm and family office with assets in London and New York.

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