Metaverse: The emperor’s new clothes or a bright future for hospitality?

Hosted by Eloise Hanson, editor, IHM

[sponsored by Cvent and Duve]

The metaverse represents a new era of digital transformation, disrupting old notions of how we seek and do business. As a relatively new idea and one that’s still evolving, this webinar will highlight active players in the space and explore their journey into the digital realm.

You will learn:

• How the metaverse and NFT technology can be used to enhance a hotel’s marketing campaign, build customer insights and drive loyalty

• How to develop a web3 strategy for your brand – what to consider and how to implement

• The risks and rewards of investing in, and tokenising real estate

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

Timothy Griffin, principal, Wellbrook Hospitality

Curtis Crimmins, founder, Roomza

Alexandre Bloch, co-founder and CEO, The New Face

Nicoletta Pilardi, founder, NP Collection

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