Capital Availability Post-Covid 19 – July 2020

This 23-page research report looks at Capital Availability Post-Covid 19 and draws comparisons with the global financial crisis and the implications for hospitality.

Curated by AHV Associates the report covers the following:

Global Financial Crisis vs. Coronavirus Market Shock

A Comparison with the Global Financial Crisis: Similarities and Differences

A Dramatic Slump in GDP

Substantial Fiscal Stimulus Packages

Current Availability of Capital compared to the Global Financial Crisis

A Far Better Capitalized Banking System

A Gradual Decline in Sovereign Bond Yields

Unprecedented Levels of Dry Powder for Private Equity Debt Funds

Decreased Corporate Debt Yields and Borrowing Costs

A Boost in Debt & Equity Capital Raising Activity in the First Half of 2020

Implications for Hospitality Sector

A Crippling Blow to the Tourism Worldwide

Hotels Struggle Against a Sudden Drop in RevPARs

Public Hotel Companies Capital Raising Activity

The Future of Hospitality

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