Luxury powerhouse forms

Luxury powerhouse forms

[Credit: Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash]

Omnam Group’s current portfolio of trophy assets – including W Rome and Four Seasons Puglia – hint at the kind of projects that Omnam and Mohari Hospitality might target as part of the companies’ new partnership. Mohari too has a track record of investing in sites with iconic brands, such as 1 Hotel Toronto and Waldorf Astoria Miami. When two major players team up and focus on luxury growth across Europe, the investment community will pay attention.

Right now, high inflation and increasing cost pressures may prompt owners to seek equity partners or sell altogether. Full service hotels, particularly those which sit at the upper end of the market, will be feeling the full force of cost burdens and likely to be in need of financial support. With this in mind, it’s an opportune time to invest and it’s clear that Omnam and Mohari are preparing to step in if required.

Distressed assets did not materialise in the volume expected during the early days of the pandemic; whether the current energy crisis will become the tipping point for owners remains to be seen. There is still a lot of unspent capital waiting to be deployed by investors, and as we enter the colder months they will be keeping a watchful eye on potential deals.

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