Thoroughly British

• As the British pound continues to fall in value against the dollar and the euro, against a backdrop of political negativity, one positive development that has arisen is the renewed financial attractiveness of the UK as a tourist destination.

Inbound visitors are making the most of the weak pound to make their holiday money go further, and the UK’s hotels and resorts are enjoying strong overseas demand.

Visitors from some countries, notably the US and Middle East, are certainly attracted by what they see as the “Britishness” of a property – this is quite hard to define but for most people it would include an understated sense of luxury, with discreet service and the appearance of having changed little for decades or even centuries. This is a feat the Beaumont Hotel has managed to pull off particularly well – although it opened in 2014, it feels like it has been there for at least 100 years.

And Shiva Hotels, the company behind the Guardsman Hotel, which is set to open early next year, is clearly aiming to achieve maximum “Britishness”. From the property name, to its location near St James Park and Buckingham Palace, and its goal of offering the “atmosphere, discretion and personal service usually associated with a private members’ club”, the property has a clear vision of what it wants to be and who it wants to attract.

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