How guest experience technology meets ESG goals

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[Credit: Alliants]

John Attard, hospitality consultant at Alliants, explains why guest experience technology can support the ESG initiatives of all-inclusive hotels and resorts.

As ESG policies are increasingly integrated into business practices, it has become commonplace to use smart technologies for managing energy, water, and food waste.

Yet, how you look after your guests and how you curate their stays can have an even more significant impact on your ESG credentials. 

All-inclusive hotels and resorts are often at the forefront of ESG policies. Coastal and rural settings provide the space and the means to implement sustainable practices such as natural resource management, solar energy, and kitchen gardens. A positive ESG reputation enhances a hotel’s brand image and attracts socially responsible investors.

Of course, travellers too are seeking experiences aligned with their values and ESG-conscious hotels attract guests who appreciate sustainable practices. Today’s travellers are often adventurous and hungry for unique local experiences, and it is inspiring to see how hotels are responding. Many are overcoming traditional notions of seasonality with innovative concepts that resonate with travellers’ interests in wellness and ecology.

Yoga retreats, conservation excursions, spa packages, and wellness workshops can attract guests during quieter seasons. In Cornwall, UK, for example, resorts are highlighting storm-watching as a winter activity. Cornwall is at its most wild and rugged during the winter months when crashing waves and swirling seas batter the coastline.

The all-inclusive model delivers simplicity and convenience, and this kind of creative thinking will have your guests rhapsodising about much more than the complimentary beer in the mini bar. Customers do not arrive and struggle with availability and bookings. They already have their itinerary booked in and paid for. However, this is where the importance of personalisation comes in, and the right technology to deliver it.

Hotel operators are time poor and always on their feet. They need access to guest data presented as a quick snapshot – photo, notes, preferences – in a centralised location that all departments can access. It is this rapid access that is required to deliver exceptional service. 

The more you know about what your guests want in advance and what their preferences are, the more you can upsell and – with tailored pre-arrival communications – encourage them to plan their stays in advance. Curating itineraries with activities, some of which take guests off site, is a more sustainable way of running a resort. It reduces the strain on labour and resources whilst simultaneously increasing guest satisfaction and repeat business.

Digital itineraries can therefore play a crucial ESG role by introducing guests to small local businesses that work with the hotel, educating guests about local customs and enriching their stays. 

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