Hypoallergenic spaces: Q&A with Gordon Bruce, Room to Breathe UK

BHN spoke to Gordon Bruce, director at Room to Breathe UK (RTB), about the company’s launch into the hospitality sector.

What is Room to Breathe, and how does the product serve the boutique and lifestyle sector?

“Room To Breathe is a brand new service to the hospitality sector. It is a unique suite of innovative products and applications that can convert any living space into a healthier living environment – not only for allergy sufferers but those seeking a truly extensive “wellness” experience, and possibly the best night’s sleep while away from home”.

Why do you believe that that RTB is the “next big thing” in the evolution of hotel spaces?

“As building regulations change, man made products increase and the outdoor environment worsens. Indoor air which is up to five times poorer than the air outside, and needs to be improved in a way that is environmentally conscious and sustainable”.

“Clients are becoming far more aware of these internal environmental issues and while vast number of travellers can have allergic reactions to poor air quality, dust mites, bed bugs or toxins leaching from cleaning products, many also desire a higher standard of hygiene. Room to Breathe can address all these issues and bring ‘Peace of Mind'”.

How did you go about researching the tools and technologies used at RTB?

“We already used the technologies as part of our other business; our products have been extensively researched and tested by several independent scientific and academic establishments”.

“We have a number of products that we use in the building / construction Industry for killing mould, bacteria, viruses etc, that when combined provide a benefit to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and make surfaces and textiles more hygienic”.

What problems does RTB intend to address? What are the benefits?

“We intend to reduce indoor allergens including PM2.5 (small airborne particles), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and mould, through to reducing the need for toxic or poisonous cleaning products”.

“The benefits are cleaner, healthier air that increase cognitive performance and a better nights’ sleep”.

How do you ensure that hypoallergenic standards are consistently met?

“Training of housekeeping is an essential part of the process and handover to the hotelier. The rooms are inspected without notice as part of the T&C’s and are re-certified every 4 months”.

What hotel brands have you partnered with? And who are you looking to partner with in the future?

“To date, we’ve only had initial discussions with a few brands; we are new to this sector and accordingly we are gauging the market for what could be the ‘best fit’ opportunity. While sales are of vital importance, we want to ensure that the first contract is the right contract with the right partner”.

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