Snapshot: CEO call to arms

At a time when the world feels disconnected, it has never been more important to reach out and inspire. Here are my favourite videos of forward-thinking CEOs that have motivated their teams and shared messages of hope during these challenging times. 

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Mark Hoplamazian, Hyatt

“In the circumstance that we are in, we have two profound truths that we’re confronted with. The first is we have great belief in living our purpose and its power to elevate every member of the Hyatt family and everyone we come into contact with. The other profound truth is that we are tasked with preserving the financial foundation of Hyatt for the future.”

“I recognise that even as we make terrible decisions – very painful and unimaginable decisions to put colleagues on temporary leave or reduce hours and workload. Or for those who remain in full time positions, to reduce their compensation. We must use every ounce of our capacity to help those in need.”

“The beauty and the power of the human spirit in the Hyatt family that I’ve witnessed is really clear for everyone to see, and it makes me very proud. It’s a source of strength and gives me confidence in our community… we’re not just going to survive this pandemic, but we’re going to come through it with a sense of pride and deep gratitude for being together.”

Sébastien Bazin, Accor

“We are still in a tunnel, but we see the light finally at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know when the crisis will be over, but I can tell you, with all the discussions we’re having with all the nations, all the government agencies, all the health authorities… Accor is becoming one of the actors they seek for advice.”

“By being an actor, that level of energy that we have put so immensely well placed into trying to cope and address the crisis… Now we’re putting the same level of energy with the light facing us into trying to rebuild and to prepare for the reopening.”

“Accor will never be a spectator of its own world: Accor is an actor more so than ever in 100 countries. But the message is of hope… the confinement is terrifying. It is enormously stressful. It is painful. It is disturbing to say the least. And a lot of you are having huge difficulties to cope with it… I promise you, soon enough, we’re going be in much better waters.”

Lindsey Ueberroth, Preferred Hotels & Resorts 

“In light of this unprecedented outbreak, I wanted to communicate with you personally to express our unconditional commitment to take care of our member hotels, our associates, our travel partners and our loyal guests. Your wellbeing is our number one priority.”

“We believe travel has the power to make people better versions of themselves – mentally, socially and emotionally, building confidence and opening minds. I think we can all benefit from channeling the virtues of travel right now. While times like these may keep us from physically travelling out of an abundance of care, they present ample opportunity to let our imaginations wander and dream about where we want to travel next.”

“The Preferred team at our member hotels around the world continue to work diligently to take care of you. Working together, we will always be here to inspire and inform your travels, whenever the time is once again right and you are ready… please continue to believe in travel.”

Oliver Winter, a&o Hotels and Hostels 

“I am standing here in one of our a&o hostels and as you can see, it’s empty… everyday there is more and more bad news, including for us at a&o. But we notice a huge solidarity… I think one positive effect of the coronavirus is that we all come together (except we are buying toilet paper like crazy).”

“So to speak, Corona has a couple of positive side effects… we will make it! Certainly there will be a big baby boom in about nine to 10 months. That would be something positive! The environment is also very happy about the current circumstance.”

“I really like to say thanks to all of our team members and partners for how well we stand united. I get goosebumps when I see that our staff were perfectly chosen and this shows best in times of crisis. And we are coping with it just great. Thus I am very confident that we will come back even stronger as soon as this is over.”

Arne Sorensen, Marriott

“As a leader, I have experience so many wonderful highs and a good number of challenging lows. I can tell you that I have never had a more difficult moment than this one. There is simply nothing worse than telling highly valued associates, people who are the very heart of this company, that their roles are being impacted by events completely outside of their control.”

“I have never been more determined to see us through than I am at this moment. While it’s impossible to know how long this crisis will last, I know we as a global community will come through the other side and that when we do, our guests will be eager to travel this beautiful world again. When that great day comes, we will be there to welcome them, with the warmth and care we are known for the world over.”

“I wish you good health and a sense of optimism: together, we can and we will overcome this, and we’ll thrive once again.”

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