CO2 neutral and climate positive hotel set for 2021

Denmark: The Hotel Green Solution House (Hotel GSH) on the island of Bornholm will welcome a new 24-key wing that’s built from wooden materials by architecture firm 3XN and its in-house green think-tank GXN.

Hotel GSH was originally built in 2015 by the same team that’s now working on the new wing. It will feature a rooftop spa and conference room and is expected to provide a positive climate footprint.

Built, clad and insulated with timber, it is poised to become the first climate positive commercial building in Denmark.

Debris from local granite quarries will be used for decoration in meeting rooms, which will also help to regulate temperature as granite naturally stores heat and cold.

The hotel wing will also upcycle waste products leftover from the construction for the furniture and surfaces. 

Kasper Guldager Jensen, 3XN partner and founder of GXN, said: “The idea is simple, we believe that climate positive architecture combines good design and good business. Today destination tourism has got multiple dimensions. Hotel GSH will provide a blueprint for a climate positive future, and that experience is a destination worth travelling for, which ultimately makes it a good business for our client.

“I hope this new project can help to show others the potential of wood construction. If we in Denmark want to be able to achieve our climate goals, the construction industry needs to think and act differently, and thus there’s a great need for more projects like this,” he added.

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