Cornish hotel Talland Bay to undergo renovations

UK: Cornwall’s luxury Talland Bay hotel is set for renovations this spring.

Work hopes to extend the 16th century buildings, adding new space for a variety of desirable features.

The independently owned property currently boasts rooms with extraordinary sea views, sub-tropical gardens, and luxurious communal spaces. The renovation hopes to extend most of these existing elements- with the addition of a series of new suites and rooms facing the ocean.

This development is part of a gradual refurbishment process that the owners have been rolling out since they took over in 2015. Kevin and Teresa O’Sullivan, the owners, sought to refresh the individual rooms and communal/reception spaces, having invested £250,000 to date.

General manager Jack Ashby-Wright said: “There’s a definite trend for people coming away for a break in Cornwall who don’t necessarily have much time but want to enjoy the finer things whilst they’re here. We’re confident that the new superior accommodation will be a great match to the exceptional levels of hospitality that our guests have come to expect.”

Additional improvements include a refresh to the hotel’s dining options, combining their lounge and fine dining options into one option. The menu focuses on sustainable and seasonal offerings, with the nose to tail approach championed by Nick Hawke seeing the menu broken down into Garden, farm and sea choices.

Cornwall is continuing to be a major hotspot for tourists coming to the UK. A report from Expedia noted the county saw a 15 per-cent increase in visitation because of booms in wellness tourism.

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