Denver pop hotel unveils newly refreshed lobby

US: A Denver pop culture hotel opened its new lobby earlier today.

Following a $1 million renovation, the space now reflects a nostalgic take on the Colorado outdoors, with modern furnishing and vibrant colours.

The hotel has various “playgrounds,” designed to bring memories of specific periods of childhoods. RV replicas, ski-lifts and mini drive-in-theatres all help give a playful touch to the lobby area, keeping the hotel’s “stay happy” mantra front and centre.

Ed Blair, general manager of The Curtis said: “Every aspect of our property has been intentionally designed to evoke a distinct emotion and the updated lobby does just that”

Located in downtown Denver, the 336-room hotel is near a significant number of events venues and museums. The hotel’s amenities include custom art installations, 28,000 square feet of meeting and event space, restaurant and bar facilities.

The space’s designer, DLR Group, took inspiration from nearby Denver’s natural environment, fusing it with the hotel’s pop-culture colour palette. The group’s goal was to create an environment that resembled a backyard get together in any household.

The redesign was the project of The Curtis’ managing partner Sage Hospitality Group. Their most newly formed division, Sage Studio, provided the vision and creative work needed for the refresh.

Sage’s business in Denver is not limited to The Curtis though. The company sold their Halcyon Hotel property in March of 2019, after having hired a new VP of acquisitions in January.

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