FAUCHON Hospitality opens second property in Japan

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Japan: The 70-room FAUCHON L’Hotel Kyoto marks the second boutique hotel for the FAUCHON Hospitality brand, and the first outside of France.

Located in the Shimogyo-ku district, the five-star luxury hotel features a Gourmet Bar in every room and suite, a FAUCHON Patisserie and Boutique on the ground floor, Le Grand Cafe FAUCHON, Le Spa FAUCHON, and for the first time a Fauchon Bar.

The company has teamed up with local culinary partners to incorporate Japanese flavours in traditional French dishes, including bakery Izutsu to create a Yatsuhashi pastry at teatime, as well as Tango Beer of Japan to recreate a 1940s-style beer.

The property has been designed in collaboration with Spin Design Studio of Japan and Atelier Paluel-Marmont in Paris. It is also a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. 

Jacques-Olivier Chauvin, president and CEO, said: “The opening of the FAUCHON L’Hotel Kyoto is a significant achievement for FAUCHON on so many levels. It marks 50 years of FAUCHON’s presence in Japan, and also brings together all of the brand’s hospitality and culinary expertise in one place. It is our ultimate goal to share our artistry and unique perspective on hospitality and culinary innovation with the world. The FAUCHON L’Hotel Kyoto is located in the imperial and cultural capital of the city and therefore creates a wonderful synergy with our Parisian heritage.”

FAUCHON L’Hotel Kyoto is part of a services and trademark license agreement between FAUCHON Hospitality and Hotel W Management Co., a subsidiary of Wealth Management.

FAUCHON Hospitality is the hotel division of FAUCHON and has several properties in development in the US, China, Tokyo and the Middle East. 

Jacques-Olivier Chauvin was featured in the Trailblazer webinar on design reimagined, hotel space repurposed, hosted by BHN news editor Eloise Hanson. Watch the recording here.

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