Historic building to become Marriott property

US: Work begins on a multi-million dollar total renovation on a historic downtown building in Amarillo.

Dan Quandt, Vice President of the Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council, said: “We’ve been crying for that building to become something for a long time. It sadly went from a proud lady to kind of an eye sore and now they’re going to be redoing that.”

The historic Barfield building is to be transformed into the Barfield Marriott, a part of the hospitality chain’s boutique Autograph Collection hotels.

Quandt said: “They are getting historic tax credits so they’re going to do it correctly. You can’t just take out a broken window and put in another window. It has to be a historic window. It has to be the same kind of thing so the restoration maybe takes a little longer but it’s going to show in the process, very similar to what we’ve had with the Courtyard. The clientele that we expect to be attracted to the Barfield are going to be people probably with a little higher disposable income so they will want to invest more, maybe more in our arts. So I think you’re going to see the continuance of the vibrancy we’re seeing now in downtown.  Our society has become a place where we don’t want to tear down, we want to create, we want to preserve and I guess that’s the most exciting thing about the Barfield project is that they’re doing it to preserve history and promote history, not destroy history.”

Coury Hospitality, based in Kansas City, is the hotel management partner of the renovation, a company that specialises in transforming historic buildings into hotels.

The Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council expects the hotel to be completed by late 2019.

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