Hybrid hotel Bode to open in Palm Springs

US: A new hotel designed for lifestyle travellers is breaking ground in Palm Springs.

Bode is constructing its first California property, after recently opening doors in Chattanooga and Nashville.

The build is a collaboration between the brand, o2 architecture, Studio Unltd. and DW Johnston Construction. This will be Bode’s first new construction, with its previous two projects being renovations from pre-existing structures.

A groundbreaking ceremony marked the announcement, bringing the developers, stakeholders and city officials together. Members of the team took the first shovels, while food and drinks were provided to anyone else along.

The property will be located on Indian Canyon drive in Palm Springs, the famous California desert resort town. The design aims to create a residence styled desert Oasis, marked by style and comfort.

Bode CEO Philip Bates said: “We are so excited to be bringing Bode to Southern California’s favorite desert destination. Palm Springs is like no place else – from the dining to outdoor activities, design, and incredible events. We are looking forward to becoming a small part of the rich fabric of this legendary city.”

The hotel will also be within walking distance from downtown palm springs and all the sights there.

The hotel is planned to be 43,679 square feet, featuring 38 units of two to four bedrooms, fusing luxury hotel and vacation rental feeling. Amenities include stylish common spaces, a patio lounge and a tuk-tuk bar.

Bode has been expanding recently, with planned builds in Orange County, Indian Wells, Savannah GA, and Greenville SC.

They are not alone in Palm Springs, with hotel Les Cactus having opened this year.

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