Life House adds two California hotels to portfolio

Life House California

Hotel La Rose [Credit: Life House]

US: Hotel management and technology platform Life House has been selected to manage the Hotel Royal in Long Beach and Hotel La Rose in Sonoma County, California.

Hotel La Rose is a 48-key property in the centre of Santa Rosa, owned by Lukhbir Gill, Hardeep Gill and Jim McCalligan.

H. Gill said: “We wanted to free up our time, but deeply care about Hotel La Rose and the special experience our guests have enjoyed for so many years. Therefore, we could never see it being flagged. Life House is the perfect solution to operate this historic asset in a very sophisticated manner to optimise profitability, whilst maintaining the specialness & extraordinary charm.”

Hotel Royal is a 1923 Art Deco boutique hotel in Long Beach’s East Village Arts District. The property had celebrated its 100-year anniversary when the owner Victor Beauchamp selected Life House to take over management.

Beauchamp said: “I had spent 20 years renovating and building our unique brand. I was exhausted and needed help but couldn’t allow our family legacy to become just another corporate hotel. Life House’s personalised approach really appealed to us as a chance to maximise performance and compete with bigger, better resourced hotel brands while retaining what we love most about our property.”

Life House now operates seven hotels throughout California. The management agreements for both properties were executed earlier this year.

Rami Zeidan, founder and CEO of Life House, said: “We are excited to partner with the owners of these special hotels, as they seek to spend their time in more meaningful ways. We’re excited to continue growing in California as there is an abundance of quaint independent hotels with similar attributes to the many hotels we’ve helped on the east coast.”

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