Louvre launches pod-style hotel in Paris

Louvre launches pod-style hotel in Paris


France: Louvre Hotels Group has opened a 246-bed hotel, spread over 39 rooms, in the south of Paris.

A new concept from the group, Hosho features rooms ranging from four, six and eight beds, a coworking space, laundry facility, communal microwave ovens and vending machines, and lockers for storage.

Led by B3 Designers, the bedrooms are inspired by Japanese pods. Mark Bithrey, founder and creative director, B3 Designers, explained: “Our client’s brief to us was to deliver a budget-friendly, trendy, modern offering, with no compromise on design and execution. The design pays attention to detail. We drew inspiration from Japan’s pod concepts to create unique all-in “capsules” that include a comfortable bed, a reading lamp, a mirror that folds out into a work-top, lock-away storage space with ventilation for shoes, electrical outlets, a pegboard, and black-out blinds for privacy and a good night’s sleep.” 

Françoise Houdebine, VP of marketing at Louvre Hotels Group, said: “With Hosho, we thought about a new concept for smart consumers who want a safe, comfortable and inexpensive experience in the heart of Paris. If our clients embrace this never-before-seen experience, adapted to their needs, we intend to develop Hosho in the European capitals and mid-sized cities.”

Hosho is described by Louvre as catering to travellers with small budgets, families, groups and backpackers.

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