Moliving unveils hotel room on wheels

Moliving unveils hotel room on wheels

[Credit: David Mitchell]

US: Moliving’s first model unit will launch at Hurley House, a luxury eco-resort located in New York’s Hudson Valley, which is set to open later this year.

Moliving units are designed and engineered in-house. The concept allows hotel, cabin and resort communities to cater to seasonal demand – increasing or decreasing the number of units accordingly.

Inventory adjustments are handled through the Moliving Collection, a proprietary network to manage operations.

The units are 45 feet long and offer approximately 400 square feet of personal indoor space, as well as 120 square feet of outdoor decks at the front and back. They are built on custom designed chassis, to be used either as standalone units or grouped together to form a multilevel accommodation.

Each comes fully equipped with a bathroom, Samsung 55” Smart TV, a Devialet wireless speaker, USB ports, an in-room safe box, a private bar, electronically controlled shades and WiFi. The bed has been designed so that it can be converted to either a king size bed or two twin beds.

Jordan Bem, founder and CEO of Moliving, said: “The traditional hotel development model has proven its success for generations. Now, lifestyle habits and travel behaviours have greatly shifted. We are spearheading the change with our mobile units and proprietary technology to continue to adapt. Moliving is accommodating by design, its flexibility feeds the desire to roam freely helping the industry to embrace the nomadic, adventure seeking traveler of today who still wants all the benefits of the traditional five-star accommodation.”

SG Blocks, a modular fabricator, has been contracted to produce 60 units for Moliving’s first hotel, Hurley House. 

Paul Galvin, chairman and CEO of SG Blocks, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Moliving in the execution of their mobile, luxury eco-resorts, as we feel their mission aligns with ours in terms of the future of not only the hospitality industry but the overarching housing market as well. These agile, adaptable solutions really are the future and we’re pleased to provide just that. We are very impressed by Moliving’s product and look forward to collaborating on more units to come.”

The technology incorporated into each unit includes holding tanks as well as lithium batteries which store the energy harvested from the solar panels on the roof. Gray water recycling enables guests to reduce their consumption of fresh water, and UV technology helps to sanitise each accommodation.

Moliving is seeking partners in destinations such as Joshua Tree, Lake Tahoe, Sonoma and Vail. France, Italy and Spain are a few International destinations of interest to the Moliving team. Further information can be found here. 

At Hurley House, there are plans to grow the brand in several east coast locations throughout 2022.

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