New boutique hotel for Berlin in converted Embassy building

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Germany: 80-room Das Stue opens in the city’s Tiergarten neighborhood.

The property consists of a renovation of the former Danish Embassy – a 1930s building – and a new addition by Potsdam-based Axthelm Architects.

The hotel’s name is Danish for “drawing room”. General manager Jean-Paul Danti said: “The name refers to two important aspects – what the drawing room really is, which is a place to withdraw in an intimate circle; and the idea of ‘drawing room plays’, a genre of theatrical productions and films whose plots are filled with elegance, wit and entertainment. Think of Cary Grant, bar culture, real gentleman and ladies, cultivated conversations. It’s a celebration of socializing.”

Interior designer Patricia Urquiola said: “This hotel is luxurious, but it’s not just luxe. It simply has something you don’t see at first look. It runs deeper. I like to call it augmented reality.”

The hotel has two restaurants, both overseen by Michelin-starred Spanish chef Paco Perez, a library, and a collection of vintage fashion photography on view throughout the buildings.

It also features a pool, sauna and spa, with treatments by Susanne Kaufmann.

Das Stue’s owners are three investor families from Andorra, Spain, and Panama, who prefer to remain anonymous and who specifically chose Berlin as a location for this hotel.

“Berlin is, at last, ready for this kind of hotel,” said Dantil. “Das Stue offers an atmosphere in which people can meet socially, formally, or intimately. It’s a place that combines Berlin’s old spirit with an international sophistication – a stage that Cary Grant would have loved.”

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