Ruby Hotels announces second Swiss location

Switzerland: The Munich-based hotel brand is to launch its second property in Switzerland, scheduled to open in Geneva early 2022.

Created from three existing buildings, the completed hotel will be located between the rue du Rhône and the rue du Marché in the city centre. 

Its 220 rooms will range in sizes from ‘Nest’ to ‘Loft’ and come complete with full soundproofing, blackout curtains and extra-long and wide custom mattresses. 

Other amenities include a 24-hour bar, a communal work station, a library and a seventh floor roof terrace with an atrium at the centre. 

The Geneva hotel will also follow the ‘Lean Luxury‘ philosophy of other Ruby hotels: a top location, high-quality fittings, and outstanding design.

Ruby Hotel’s CEO Michael Struck explained: “This works because we base our design on the model of modern luxury yachts and confine our luxury to a relatively small area, simply omitting non-essentials. Our management methods are also quite different from the usual practice in the industry as we utilise our own technical solutions. We plan and construct in modular form, adopt a more centralised approach and make a consistent effort to automate procedures behind the scenes. This helps us to make a luxurious and unique hotel experience affordable for our guests. In this way, we will be able to exploit a previously unfilled niche in Geneva, one of the most stable hotel markets in Switzerland.”

The hotel’s opening will follow the launch of Ruby’s Zurich hotel in 2021 and forms part of an ambitious expansion plan to unveil a total of seventeen new properties by 2023.

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