Silver Lake’s latest boutique hotel to open Marco Polo restaurant

US: The Silver Lake Pool & Inn, from Palisociety, opened last week and its on-site restaurant, Marco Polo, is set to debut November 15.

Facing Santa Monica Boulevard near Sunset Junction, Marco Polo offers its own staircase entrance and mostly outdoor patio seating.

Sitting detached from the hotel’s lobby, the restaurant will provide an intimate bar area next to the property’s pool.

Serving Italian and coastal Mediterranean flavours, Marco Polo will open on November 15 for dinner walk-ins, before expanding on November 18 to breakfast and lunch reservations.

Marco Polo will open as part of the Silver Lake Pool & Inn – a 54-room property with accommodations ranging from 250 square-feet to 1,440 square-feet in size.

“We’re looking more to the future of Silver Lake and how that whole community has really improved over time,” said Avi Brash of Palisociety. “It’s become more affluent, and we’re reflecting that in the design and the way we’re thinking about our restaurant. There’s room in the market for something that’s a little more upscale in terms of its sensibility… We’re going to let the community tell us how they want to really utilise the space. We’re meant to be an amenity to the neighbourhood overall. We want to fit in to the fabric of what makes Silver Lake great”.

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