Soho Boutique Hotels offers several properties as treatment centres

Spain: The Spanish hotel chain has made three of its hotels in the Costa del Sol available to the authorities for use as coronavirus treatment centres.

The three hotels will close on Monday, providing 150 rooms for those infected in the city of Malaga. 

President and founder of the group, Gonzalo Armenteros, announced that the proposal has already been given to the mayor of the city, Francisco de la Torre, and to the government of the board.

Armenteros said: “The situation is very serious. We have an avalanche of cancellations resulting in daily losses of €180,000.”

Soho Boutique Hotels is reported to have the highest volume of beds within the city, with a portfolio of 34 hotels in Spain, 11 in the US, and seven in Mexico.

“It is a first step, but surely more hotels will have to be closed while this situation lasts. We are very concerned with everything that is happening,” said Armenteros. 

“We have no doubt that the virus will expand everywhere and we will maintain this decision to make the establishments that we are closing available,” he concluded.

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