Tel Aviv welcomes a new crop of design-led hotels

Israel: The coastal core city of Tel Aviv is the site for a number of new design driven developments.

Three new hotels are being opened, each of which are designed to help diversify the city’s hospitality options.

Tel Aviv is notorious for being an extremely expensive city to both live in and travel to. Some of the city’s more expensive neighbourhoods have prices starting at nearly $700 a night.

These new hotels are hoping to provide both unique aesthetics as well as more affordable options for the city’s rising tourist population.

The first is Tel Aviv’s first pod hotel, WOM Allenby. While the rooms are decidedly small, the high quality amenities provided, including Egyptian cotton sheets, ensure that each visitor will be taken care of.

The hotel offers rooms for up to two people, at various levels of size and luxury. A new branch in Neve Tzedek will open in March, with 220 rooms starting at $120 per night.

The second is Hotel Dave Levinsky- a small 27-room boutique in south Tel Aviv. Unlike the minimalist pod hotels above, this offering provides retro aesthetics and strong designs.

A short walk from Levinsky market, the hotel hopes to provide affordable solutions with the sophisticated aesthetics Brown Hotels, the operators, are known for.

Finally, South American hospitality group Selina have opened an offering in the seaside Neve Tzedek. With a design centred on digital nomads, the hotel offers, coworking spaces, movie rooms, libraries and gardens.

All these options either are open or will open in the city by 2020. They join the city’s existing boutique hotels, which may soon include a renovated Palatin Hotel, one of the city’s first hospitality properties.

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