The Clarence Hotel to double its number of rooms

Ireland: The Dublin four-star hotel has been granted planning permission for an extension.

Brushfield, the operator of The Clarence, will build an interconnection between the hotel and the adjoining Dollard House.

The upper three floors of Dollard House will be transformed from offices to an additional 56 bedrooms, taking the total of hotel rooms up to 115.

Consultants for Brushfield said: “This proposed development seeks to make use of the under-utilised building in a prime tourist area and would represent a very positive outcome in that it adds tourist bedrooms within the city centre but also will make The Clarence Hotel more sustainable and viable”.

Since 1992, The Clarence has had links with Irish band, U2, when vocalist Bono and lead guitarist, the Edge, bought the riverside hotel as part of a consortium.

Their leasehold interest were divested earlier this summer, although they retain ownership of the hotel building.

The leasehold was acquired by Press Up, which had already been managing The Clarence’s operations for a number of years.

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