The Sinclair Hotel as first in the world to be powered by Ethernet technology

US: The 164-room hotel in Texas, which opens in a few weeks time, will rely on Ethernet (POE) technology as an ecological and sustainable source of energy.

Ethernet cables are typically used as network communication for landline phones and routers.

With POE, the Sinclair can power more than 2,000 lights and amenities via an IP address on a computer network, not only reducing the property’s energy consumption by 30 to 40 per cent, but negating the need to hire electricians.

If a light or POE device fails, the Sinclair will be alerted through an immediate notification.

Its backup system runs on the world’s first UL 924 lithium ion battery. Comparable to diesel generators, the battery takes up less space, is environmentally-friendly, and can power the building for nearly three hours during a power outage.

Furthermore, products have been created that can run on POE to accommodate the systems that already operate in the hotel, such as mini bars and electronic window shades.

LG is on board to make POE air-conditioning units and TVs, whereas an exercise-equipment company is working on machines that would allow guests to power the hotel through more than 20 minutes of cardio workouts.

The 17-floor Sinclair Hotel was renovated by Forrest Perkins and Merriman Architects, who retained the building’s signature facade and interiors.

“We are taking modern technology and maximising its potential in The Sinclair, a 90-year old building, while staying true to the quality and detail of its iconic design,” said Patrick Hazard, senior associate and team leader at Merriman Anderson Architects.

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