The Stanford Inn to offer immune system boost package

US: In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, The Stanford Inn & Resort in California has curated a vacation package designed to boost guest’s immunity and improve health.

Guests can learn to cook plant-based meals, use nutrition to enhance their immunity, and discover inner calm to build long-term healthy living habits. 

The classes are taught at the resort over the course of three days.

Sid Garza-Hillman, wellness programme director and certified nutritionist, will teach the whole food, plant-based, cooking and nutrition workshops using produce from the resort’s GROW BIOINTENSIVE® educational farm.

He said: “This getaway is a unique opportunity at a crucial time. We’re told the virus doesn’t affect all demographics equally and seniors, particularly those with other health issues, tend to be the most vulnerable. While it’s always the right time to adopt healthy habits, moments like these really stress the importance of taking charge of your health and stress and we’ve been teaching people how to successfully do this for decades.” 

Joan Stanford, a registered art therapist, will put on creative play workshops. She adds: “When we’re engaged in creative activities our brains exhibit patterns seen in the brains of children at play. We all benefit from expressing ourselves creatively – experiencing less stress and more joy, boosting wellbeing.”

Meditation classes are also available, designed to help develop a sustainable and health-promoting mindset.

Jeff Stanford, owner of The Stanford Inn & Resort, said: “Our immune systems reflect our mental state and overall health. We think of the immune system as a gauge to well-being.”

The AAA Four Diamond property overlooks Mendocino Bay, just north of San Francisco Bay. It offers an indoor saltwater pool, a bar and award-winning Ravens Restaurant, gardens, a USDA organic certified farm, and extensive wellness experiences.

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