Three new Marriott hotels to open in Malaysia

Malaysia: YTL Hotels has announced the debut of three AC Hotels by Marriott.

The hotels have all opened earlier this week, with the most recent opening earlier today.

AC Hotels seeks to combine harmonious design and tailored style, cutting away any sort of unnecessary elements. The hotels all contain signature AC Lobbies and lounges, which offer co-working and community spaces.

The hotels themselves are opening in malaysia’s twhree largest states, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Pahang. Each individual property reflects the culture and heritage of the region around them.

AC Hotel Kuala Lumpur Titiwangsa, which opened on February 4, offers both the convenience of city access, in concert with a level of local authenticity. The hotel also features 11 meeting spaces, perfect for business travellers.

In Penang, the AC Hotel Penang Bukit Jambul is focused on providing an experience of absolute luxury. A short drive to the state capital of Georgetown and the Straits of Malacca UNESCO World heritage site nearby, the hotel focuses on providing good experience to tourists nearby.

Finally, the AC Hotel Kuantan City, though far from the capital, is next to the white sandy beaches of Kuantan. With a 700-seat ballroom and close proximity to many other leisure environments, the hotel provides great luxury for holidaygoers in Southeast Asia.

Mike Fulkerson, VP of Asia-Pacific brand marketing for Marriott said: “We are delighted to introduce AC Hotels by Marriott across three very distinct destinations in Malaysia. Designed to offer an urban modern, high-style and carefully curated experience, the opening of all three hotels further complements Marriott International’s growing footprint in the country.”

The hotels are all available for booking now. Marriott International has been expanding in 2020, bring their services most recently to Mexico.

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