Luxury floating hotel opens in Sweden

Sweden: Arctic Bath, a spa hotel in Swedish Lapland, is making waves on the River Lule.

The hotel is designed to float atop the river during summer and freeze into the surrounding lake when winter comes along.

The 12-room boutique offering hopes to pay homage to a more rustic Swedish past, as well as to provide unique wellness solutions. The design, which looks like a cluster of logs, is meant to evoke the importance of forests in Sweden’s history.

Interiors are all sourced from Swedish designers, with sustainability in mind. Wood, stone and leather dominate the aesthetics of both the rooms and the common spaces.

The restaurants have a similar sustainability focus, with locally sourced produce and traditional recipes taking the spotlight. Bar facilities include craft beer and wine.

Wellness is the primary goal of the hotel, and the spa facility provides multiple different solutions. Though saunas, massage therapists, and hot tubs are all available, the hotel’s centrepiece is a massive ice bath, which visitors can have a quick dip in before going to find warmth.

Not all of the hotel is on water, though. Guests can book either a small two-bed cabin alongside the main building, or a slightly larger cabin on land, for those less comfortable afloat.

The architects hope that the hotel will give visitors an opportunity to connect with the local Sami culture, with a chance to visit them at home. Speaking of the desire to integrate with the community, CEO Peter Engstrom said: “We wanted locals to stay with us.”

Other activities include moose calling sessions, dog-sledding, and bear watching. Prices start at £772 a night.

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