UK’s first vegan hotel wins National Geographic award

Scotland: Saorsa 1875, the UK’s first all-vegan hotel in Pitlorchry, Perthshire, has won the Good Egg award and is listed as one of National Geographic’s top 48 new hotels in the world.

Founded by Jack McLaren-Stewart and his parents Sandra and John, Saorsa 1875 launched in June 2019.

The 11-bedroom hotel is entirely free from animal products, incuding its cruelty-free toiletries, all-vegan menu, and wool-free bedding and furnishings.

Describing why the property won the Good Egg award, National Geographic writes: “… it goes far beyond just sustainable, plant-focused grub: everything here is vegan, from the booze in the hotel bar to the cleaning products and upcycled furniture in the lounge. Naturally, the heating comes from 100 per cent renewable energy.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Australian chef Deborah Fleck conjures up five-course dining extravaganzas using produce sourced locally or from the hotel’s gardens, with a tree planted (via Green Earth Appeal) for every dinner served.”

Speaking about the story behind Saorsa 1875, Sandra said: “We wanted to create a space where everybody – vegans and otherwise – can come together to celebrate the incredible innovation and diversity that we’re seeing across the movement. This isn’t about abstinence or sacrifice, it’s an environment where guests can experience amazing food, drink and design that doesn’t come at the expense of our fellow animals.”

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