Worlds first boutique hotel designed for pregnant women

Poland: Located in Ilawa city by Jeziorak Lake, the Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be is a female-friendly accommodation designed to enhance the comfort of pregnant guests.

All of the seven rooms and bathrooms will have large windows to let in natural light and fresh air, and will come equipped with a Doppler fetal monitor, pressure gauge, and infrared thermometer. Mobile alarm buttons will also be installed for those in need of assistance.

The walls are to be layered with certified fungicidal and protective paints, whereby furniture and equipment will have rounded edges.

A dedicated Pregnant Zone is a space for guests to interact with other pregnant women, and comes equipped with a massage chair and Cardiotocography (CTG), telemedicine assistance and medical consultations on CTG results, a book case and garden.

The hotel’s website states: “We have already secured financing for the first Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be location in the amount of 470,000 euro. We are now looking to raise an additional 100,000 euro to make the interiors and decor in our boutique hotel to the standards of a stylish Hamptons design.”

Ewa Koronkiewicz, marketing director from Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be, said: “Pregnancy is a vulnerable time, and would-be mums should be able to relax in utmost comfort and security. This holds true when they are travelling as well. While five-star or seven-star hotels are stylish and comfortable, none of them have been designed with the special needs of pregnant guests in mind. Thus, they can’t promise the desired high level of safety and comfort as required by would-be mums, which makes travel risky and uncomfortable for most of them.”

Zofia Kołakowska-Halbersztadt, co-founder of Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be, added: “Such a cutting-edge project like Mały Sopot demands robust financial backup and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to make would-be mums feel comfortable, secure, and at home, even when they are travelling.”

Further information about the Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be funding campaign can be found here.

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