Accor recruits for 200 UK kitchen roles

Accor recruits for 200 UK kitchen roles

[Credit: Benjamin Brunner on Unsplash]

UK: Accor has created more than 400 roles across the group’s UK hotel portfolio, with around half of these vacancies in the kitchen teams.

In the UK, Accor has held a series of recruitment days in key cities, including London, Cardiff and Edinburgh, in an effort to drive talent acquisition.

Now, the group is focussing on recruiting kitchen staff. The company has launched a video campaign with leading chefs to encourage applications and share why working in hospitality is rewarding.

Duncan O’Rourke, CEO at Accor for Northern Europe, said: “Hospitality is a career of people, passion, creativity, experience and talent. It is a sector responsible for crafting special moments that people the country and world over have longed for in the last 18 months. It’s a sector that brings joy and does it with heart. It is also a sector with a legacy reputation issue that is outdated. The camaraderie, talent and passion that effuses from the kitchens of hotels and restaurants is incredible, it is something I am hugely proud to be a part of and to see every day in our kitchens. 

“There is talent in every kitchen,” he continued, “from the café, bars and restaurants to the three-star Michelin chefs. Yes it is hard work, but so is any job that is rewarding. Across the UK today there are opportunities to be part of the industry as it rebuilds, to craft experience that delight hundreds and thousands of guests and diners every day.”

Watch the video here.

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