Accor to roll out WOJO co-working brand to 1200 properties

France: Accor has announced plans to add WOJO co-working spaces in its hotels across Europe, with different offerings across the economy, mid-scale and luxury segments.

Originally called Nextdoor, and renamed WOJO in March 2019, the project is a joint-venture between Accor & Bouygues Immobilier.

Stephane Bensimon, CEO of WOJO said: “As we are directly in touch with companies and workers on a daily basis we have a thorough understanding of their needs and expectations in the work space. A personalised welcome, premium services, a friendly atmosphere and designer spaces are all essential features covered by our expertise. Through our new range of spaces, we are now able to meet a key customer need: combining the quality of work life with mobility. WOJO will offer three different products and experiences to deliver the broadest range of co-working solutions in the industry.”

WOJO will consist of three separate offers: WOJO Spots, WOJO Corners and WOJO Sites.

WOJO Spots
Rolled out initially across all Accor’s brand portfolio, theses spaces make it possible for nomadic workers to work without a fee, with the guarantee of a personalised service, a friendly atmosphere and a secure and reliable WiFi connection. The worker can choose to work at the bar, in a restaurant or in the lobby (even if they are not staying at the hotel). For regular co-workers, WOJO offers a monthly subscription, which includes a 10 per cent discount on dining and access to partner offers, events such as workshops & conferences and the WOJO business network & community. More than 150 WOJO Spots will open in Paris and Lyon by summer 2019, reaching more than 1000 spots in Europe by 2022.

WOJO Corners
WOJO Corners are “dedicated co-working spaces specifically designed for uninterrupted work, sheltered from the hustle and bustle outside”. They will be located across a broad range of Accor hotels as a first step and then across train stations, airports and shopping malls. This co-working experience is designed for local and co-worker customers, with recurring weekly needs, seeking an informal and comfortable work environment. The first WOJO Corner was launched in 2018 in the Mercure Paris Montmartre Sacré-Cœur hotel. Building on the success of this pilot in the heart of Paris, more than 100 other WOJO Corners will open throughout Europe by 2022.

WOJO Sites
These are “unique stand-alone co-working spaces over several thousand square metres in dedicated buildings, combining communal zones (bars, lounges, kitchens) with shared spaces, meeting rooms and dedicated offices”. They bring together on one site a wide range of entrepreneurs, large companies, start-ups and smaller companies to form “a dynamic, integrated community”. Unlike Spots and Corners, it is possible to rent offices and benefit from a wide range of services. WOJO sites are led by teams of “business partners” who are dedicated to the well-being of members and to connecting them strategically with other members in the network to create new business opportunities. These sites are developed in partnership with Bouygues Immobilier and WOJO will be integrated from the outset in certain real estate projects

To drive the project, Accor’s Innovation Lab collaborated with the WOJO team. Frédéric Fontaine, SVP marketing Innovation Lab said: “This collaborative initiative with WOJO is fully consistent with the role of the Innovation Lab, whose objective is to create new consumer experiences and build unique value by observing and anticipating future consumer trends and habits.”

Franck Gervais, CEO Accor Europe, said: “We have the assets (brands, spaces, teams), we have the services (restaurants, bars, meeting spaces) and we are open 24/7. By participating in WOJO’s ambitious development, we are optimising the use of these assets and are creating value for our owners by being open to a new type of customer.”

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