Hospitality Resilience Study launches

Worldwide: Hospitality leaders are invited to take part in an online study to understand the factors that contribute to personal resilience in the industry and identify key resilience indicators.

The study forms part of the Hospitality Resilience Series, founded in 2020 by Jon Hazan from Atlas Coaching, Jonathan Humphries from HoCoSo, and Chris Mumford from Cervus Leadership Consulting.

The series seeks to challenge existing mindsets, exchange personal insights, discuss practical solutions and ultimately provide a forum for shared experiences.

Together with the University of Central Florida, and supported by International Hospitality Media, the Hospitality Resilience Series has launched a study to better understand the factors that contribute to personal resilience for leaders in hospitality.

Leaders are invited to participate in a short survey which will be conducted at regular time intervals to track levels of resilience. The identification of key resilience indicators (KRIs) may lead to the formation of a resilience index or metric.

Hazan, Humphries and Mumford comment: “We are delighted to partner with the industrial/organisational psychology team at University of Central Florida to develop a measurement of resilience levels among leaders in the hospitality sector globally. The Covid-19 pandemic has placed enormous burdens and strains on leadership and highlighted the need for strengthening personal resilience and inner immunity. The findings from this study will help hospitality businesses in maintaining and improving the wellbeing of their leaders and thereby the overall health of their organisations.”

To participate in the study, click here. 

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